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Specialty Oils & Vinegars Green Olives

Black Olives

The olive variety for the 1881 black olives is the “Hojiblanca” (white leaf). This olive variety gets its name from the silver colour of the underside of the leaves. This variety represents about 15% of Spanish olive trees, which is of average vigour. The fruit-bearing branches are long and the canopy is of medium density. The fruit is oblong-shaped and its weight ranges from 1.4 to 4.3 grams. We use this variety because it has a very good texture in this preparation and a nice black color, very shining and smooth, is achieved.

Green Olives

The olive variety for the 1881 green olives is the “Manzanilla”. It gets its name from the shape of the fruit, the apple. Probably, this variety is the one with the highest quality among the green table olives. The “Manzanilla” tree is of medium vigour, very productive and precocious to being in production. Even though this variety is always harvested for table olive, it is good to know that it has a relatively good oil yield.

1881SAT Santa Teresa

The Village Osuna, whose origins can be traced back to the year 1000 BC, has reaped the benefits left by different civilisations such as Tartessus, Iberians, Romans, Muslims and Castilians among others. With infinite patience, the village, known by its heritage, has been able to create a superior culture based around the olive tree.

In 1.959, SAT Santa Teresa was founded by 37 farmers. This was the seed for what today is the entity that groups together the vast majority of the labourers in Osuna. Currently, there are 1,177 associates.

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